Wealth management The most important topic in life

It’s not important to know where money is making money. It’s important to know where to put the money. from Block EcoWithout wealth management, there is no life management!

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The Block ECO Foundation was established in Cyprus.


BlockCharter Group is a leader in blockchain


Executive Director

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He graduated from the University of Zurich and received a master's degree in business administration and a double degree in history from the Kellogg School of Management. At the time of the creation of Block ECO, he served at BNP Paribas and has a very deep experience in asset management with excellent English.

French (native), Italian and German language skills, and on behalf of BNP Paribas investment consultants, have conducted more than 300 lectures around the world

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Foreign exchange

Social application

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The game company is becoming a global entertainment company, and the famous game maker Activision Blizzard and market research firm Newzoo jointly released a new report. According to the report, more than 2.4 billion people will play games in the world in 2019, and the game industry's revenue is expected to reach $148 billion.

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The income of the global wealth management industry grew steadily, with Asia's revenue ranking first.According to the report, the total income of the wealth management industry in 2018 rose by 4.6% to reach $450 billion, and is expected to maintain steady growth from 2019 to 2020. In 2018, the wealth management market in Asia, North America and Europe all exceeded 100 billion US dollars, of which Asia's total revenue was the highest, reaching 139.5 billion US dollars.

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According to the statistics of the World Federation of Exchanges and the representative stock price index, the total market value of global stock markets reached 76 trillion US dollars as of the end of May, exceeding the peak of 75.6 trillion US dollars at the end of May 2015 after the global financial crisis.

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Social software has a global effective user base of 3 billion. It is also the most active channel on the Internet. Using social software to transmit finance, Secret IM is committed to creating the world's only one, the most social software for the financial industry for the global financial community. Quantity use

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December 2018

BLEC ecological deployment

April 2019

Leaders Summit Forum

May 2019

National community officially trial operation

July 2019

Singapore World Financial Expo

December 2019

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March 2020

BLEC Eco Global Operations

Block Eco
How to earn a Blec token

Basic contract account income: 5-10% return per month

Target Storage Account Revenue: Expected 10-30% return per month

After the user starts the target storage account, the user can obtain the same USDT value of the BLEC. (1usdt:1blec)

Target storage

The amount of investment initiated by the target storage the target storage contract.

Additional income

The obtained BLEC will be extracted after the target storage contract is over.

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Global Forex has established a market that operates 24 hours a day through the Internet and various communication groups. In 2019, the foreign exchange market has surpassed the global stock market by 40 times. It is currently the fastest growing and most active liquidity market in the world.

Such a huge transaction volume makes it impossible for any institution or large enterprise to manipulate the foreign exchange market for a long time, making it the most transparent security market.

Super digital wallet, anonymous payment, no miner fee, anonymous social, burned after reading, foreign exchange insurance hedge income, gaming flow income, game mining income, stock income

James Ryman

Executive CEO

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BlockCharter Group is a leader in blockchain, with a focus on customers in Europe, North America and Asia and providing complete blockchain technology development operations.


Executive Director

Founded Block ECO and has performed more than 300 lectures around the world


IGNESCENT Deputy Head Trader

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James Ryman

Executive CEO

Startups that focus on financial difficulties can turn losses into profits.

Kevin Joffery

Block Charter

Management consultants for strategic, operational, financial and business development areas

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Each asset will generate a separate encryption key and maximize randomness so that the generated key is difficult to reproduce. The encrypted random number generator generates an output that cannot be calculated by a probability of less than

- Bartman -

CEO & Founder

That is, any method of extrapolating the next output bit must not have a higher probability of success than machine guessing to protect the security of all transactions.

- James Ryman -


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- Jose Snyder -


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